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Not how it works here.

But just about right now, they are also introducing high fines for failing to "remember" who drove the vehicle at the time of the incident ;)


--- Quote from: Nusa on December 06, 2021, 08:00:09 am ---Are you sure it's a mistake? Sounds to me like the registered owner of the offending vehicle is legally responsible for paying the fine, not whoever was driving. Just like a parking ticket...making the crime against the vehicle gets rid of all those nasty issues of identifying who is actually driving.

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Because some of the offences, are considered bad/dangerous driving, they also can give you penalty points (in the UK), e.g. for speeding. Get too many points, and then you are brought up against the courts and potentially banned from driving.
Hence it is often essential to know who the actual driver was.


--- Quote from: eti on December 05, 2021, 09:47:02 am ---Dave, so we’ve worked out that to hear your voice at what would be considered “normal” pitch, compared to “most”(?) men, we’re to talk to you right after you’ve just woken up? It doesn’t sound like you - doesn’t sound like “Our Dave” (spoken in a Yorkshire accent 😁) but we all sound like that at times. Lol.

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In the good sense, I never completely got used to that funny voice pitch. I always found it funny as hell. Then the aussie stuff shows up and it's nuts!.
My voice isn't a bear-sized-man either!

If it was scottish accent, the thing would be dangerous for my health! Would love Clive trying this :-DD

We had some interesting precedents set here in our part of the dung hill.

A legal crisis occurred 15-10 years ago after this tech first showed up, there was a prominent judge who put down on the form that a deceased person was the driver. We can't talk about how the scandal arose from that point on here but suffice it to say the ramifications of the subsequent inquiry were extraordinary and enlightening.

The wash-up in our jurisdiction was that someone, some (living) person ultimately has to cop the wrap. The inquiry and criminal hearing exposed some problems with the implementation of the technology (which apparently still occurs here and elsewhere). The onus is on you, the car owner, to prove it was somebody else otherwise you wear the consequences.


--- Quote from: MK14 on December 06, 2021, 06:10:48 am ---
--- Quote from: vk6zgo on December 06, 2021, 05:59:46 am ---Apart from the mistake, the sentence at the bottom of the notification doesn't make sense to me, "YOU MUST NOT IGNORE THIS NOTICE, OR PASS IT TO THE DRIVER" forbids you from doing either of those things, when the latter is obviously what you must do if you aren't the driver!

The equivalent in Western Australia says something like:-"If you were not driving, pass it on to the driver."

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I noticed that mistake as well, and agree with you. It is apparently poorly written.

The driver is lucky she wasn't running, or he would have got a speeding ticket as well (joke).

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Yeah, speed limits are so ridiculous in some places, that you can easily speed with skateboards.


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