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Is EEVBlog worth it

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Wonderful blog.

you can leave anytime you want

I'm just here for the cat pix.

To dtmouton: Start your own blog and let's see if you can do better.


--- Quote from: dtmouton on November 17, 2021, 03:35:48 pm ---The "advice" dispensed by the members of this blog is useless. Rather read credible books on engineering or study at an accredited university than reading the junk "advice" on this blog.

--- End quote ---

Can you rephrase that, it's causing me a headache. I assume from your ability to post that comment that you are a member, you are advising me to read credible book on engineering or study at an accredited university. Does that mean I should take your advice or not? Perhaps you're instructing me, does that make a difference, are the "instructions" dispensed by members OK to follow and just not the advice?

Does it matter what I study at this accredited university? Does it need to be engineering?


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