Author Topic: Is science allowed on EEVblog, if it contradicts the "Offical Version"  (Read 1318 times)

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Well, your dream is near, your post count is almost 1K now, hang on kid, its in the horizon, just keep posting crap filler posts.

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Dave should do a post reset as a gentle reminder quality counts too.
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Simples : Show us the evidence.
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@all -- Don't feed the troll, please.
The premise of this entire thread is absurd, and so is every single one of lordvader's follow-up posts.
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I'm just wondering about the limits on this place, concerning established physics, and official versions of history, which contravene physics sometimes. Would the EEVblog side with physics, or the dark side ?
I'd understand if the mods don't tolerate physics that contradicts official histories of events, since they are busy enough with an EEVblog.
I bet some very fancy electronics were also used in what I'm thinking of, I wish someone would leak them.

If you are going to post "alternative physics" here then be prepared to get shot down in flames.
Generally speaking physics and science stuff is welcome here, but if that's all someone if posting and it's not directly relevant to electronics then it won't be tolerated for long.
A few "alternative physics" people have tried to post here and they didn't last long, with pesky engineers asking for evidence instead of waffle, seems they don't like that  ::)
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