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Is this a magic pot, or a self-healing Li-Ion battery?

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If you want to charge/discharge cycle it any more I'd keep it outside on a concrete surface well away from buildings and well away from dry grass/vegetation. Perhaps place bets on which iteration of charging, or even discharging, it will be in when it combusts.

No mysterous chemistry foo, it went down because the plastic pouch burst along a seam. Next time it will not bulge because the hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide gases that causes inflation (sometimes to 50psi) will be able to vent freely into the room. Discharge this battery and bin it.
Interesting paper for the EEs - "Calendar Aging and Gas Generation in Commercial Graphite/NMC-LMO Lithium-Ion Pouch Cells"

Could be so, though the outside pouch looks sealed now, just like there would be some suction from inside the cell.  Interesting paper, thank you.

Since you put the lid on the pot, if any electrolyte vented it should contain the vapours.

If it deflated because it burst, the electrolyte smell is very noticeable, fruity and not unpleasant.

Are you working at Abbott, by any chance? ;D


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