Author Topic: Just curious, what sort of hourly wage do on call techs usually get?  (Read 990 times)

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Alright, well that company that contacted me (techniconnection) about doing on call work wants to know what my hourly rate would be.

Now, minimum wage here is $10 an hour, of course that is minimum, and not on call work. I'm not really sure what sort of rates for the employee are in this sort of area (it will be computer/other equipment servicing).

Don't want to put it too low and get screwed, or put it too high and seem stuck up. For my local classifieds work I usually just charge whatever amount based on the job that needed to be done (say $60 for a reinstall for example)

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Re: Just curious, what sort of hourly wage do on call techs usually get?
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Personally I never discuss my hourly rate with other contractors. It's a discussion where two people can be reasonably happy at the start and in the end somebody is upset. It's not worth it. Figure out what yearly salary you want and calculate backwards keeping in mind the hours you wont be billing. I work in a different sector so my rule of thumb w.r.t. how many billable hours a month (160) and how many working months a year (9) wont apply to you. If the number you come up with seems uncomfortably high, then you're probably in the right ballpark. The client will always try to push the price down so factor that in too. At the end of the day if you're getting your target salary then you can be happy.
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