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Just hit the 1K _ Do I win an Free uCurrent ?

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Well I am over 15 years on the internet , and member of forums that I do not even remember any more.

I must had post over 150.000 of messages ..  (Asus motherboards ) ( Olympus cameras )
unofficial ACER support team at
translator of the German software /  about Sony mobile
fanatic Honda rider  ( motorcycles related  forums )
GPS navigation  ( forums )
Not to speak about electronics ..
The forums for me it was always an tool , not for public relations and making friends ,
but mostly as an place to exchange knowledge . 

By growing up , I had realize that very very few intelligent people are participating in forums.
Mostly because the forums  are nothing by them self's ,  they need  your own human energy so to be alive and active ..

Some people they do not have spare human energy, so to be disposed on forums ,  they use all their energy and time , so to have an fully productive day at work , and an good income .
And so I can not blame them ...

Me as person , I have the habit to share my knowledge or better my technical experiences ..
I selected that path , because I was  all the time at the Google search ,  and I was finding answers on my questions , but I said to my self ... why to be an pathetic reader and to not become an active poster !!
I must help this structure called as  internet or as Giantess database , by adding my own experiences and answers too...

The most amazing part as " active Internet user " are the part where you come in contact with so many people worldwide ...  an  experience that only true travelers get .   
At the EEV found  some worthy people hanging around ,  that's why I had stay that long.
Unfortunately electronics  as subject its an very complex one, and very wide ,
that's the only explanation  why this forum , has an medium to small amount of active forum posters.

Even so , I have no complains  ....    :) 

So do I worth an free uCurrent ?  ;D

I wouldn't know how many forum posts I've made in my life.

I've been a member of one forum or another for nearly six years.

There are some forums I've left and deleted my account so there's no record of how many posts I've made and I've been banned from one forum after 15,000 posts. I estimate I've probably made around about 25,000 forum posts in my life.

I remember my self  at my beginning ,  to be the first Greek ever registered at Anandtech forums..
Or  the race on another forum about Networking ,  of who will answer first, to any one with a problem,
so to gather posting numbers and fame ..   " The helpful guy " 

If you reply and in to the silliest question , you are considered as the   " The helpful guy " ..
If you criticize the silly question , you become  " The  nasty and rude guy " ...

There is thousands of reasons to be banned , and  even by an accident !!   ;D   

Once I had an forum related to an specific model of motorcycle ,
I started it up , after the promise of an American , that he will be there and help out about moderation,
as my time was very limited ... 

He did not kept the promise , and I left alone ...  few months later I took the decision to close it.
And in order to do it , I send messages to all the members,  but for some reason no one got any,
later on I closed the forum ,  and every one got an message that it got banned !!   ;D

Got about 20 emails looking for explanations ,of why they got banned !!

Now days the Blogs are in fashion , but I prefer the old fashion forum board . 

Posts should be weighted, not counted. Quality vs quantity.

I agree but ratings systems are normally flawed, especially the sort which give (often corrupt) moderators more say than usual members.

I'm helpful when someone puts a bit of thought into a question but can be rude if all they want is me to do their homework for them.

I got banned quite deliberately, because the administrator and his corrupt moderator too a dislike to me but I won't say any more than that.


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