Author Topic: Katsu 852D (the wee blue unit). A great wee station for 45 quid!  (Read 434 times)

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I have been taking apart an old TV for the last week or so, right down to component level. So when I say "apart" I mean "A P A R T"!

I find it very relaxing and therapeutic and it also gives me loads of practise soldering/de-soldering different components and I find it is a very good way to get examples of how and why components are set out the way they are. It also lets me see lots of different ways of getting power around a circuit and the different methods of making things work. Taking a tv apart is my strange way of learning but it works best for me.

I use an fx-888 for soldering iron work and a Katsu 852D for hot air stuff so I manage to get by ok. The Katsu unit also has a copy Hakko soldering iron along with the hot air which I sometimes use as a second iron when required. The board I was working on required me to use both iron and the hot air together to get all the components off it.
I used the Katsu iron for a change which was a pleasant surprise as I usually just use the 888 for iron work. The 888 defo has more punch when needed and feels more solid to hold in your hand but the Katsu(copy) iron does ok for what it is.
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