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Hi everyone,

The rules are very simple, someone show a device and we need to find what is use for. The first one the give the right answer will have to show the next device. If you don't have one, just say it and someone will be glad to show one. You can give as much clue as you want.

I will start with my one little device:

Sorry again for my bad english

Someone will be glad to show one...

It looks like some sort of pneumatic valve opener.

I would add to the rules that you need to say how you got there.

I think that those black funny things are rotation/speed sensors (ate name on it).
Then you have a nice microswitch on the pcb, I would say to be used for sensing an "end" and the button switch to activate something...

Then all going to ┬Ácontroller I guess.

Some electric window system?

edit: by the way, for some real hard core EE guessing see "name that ware" (and the rest of the blog is good reading to...)


--- Quote from: migsantiago on May 16, 2010, 09:10:55 pm ---It looks like some sort of pneumatic valve opener.

--- End quote ---
You are in the good way...


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