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Let's clarify this whole fpga / vhdl / and all that

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So there's some notes on RAD tools sucking, that doesn't apply just to hdl/fpga and so on, its pretty much the same anywhere you can find a RAD tool. they're just enough. I saw VB recently referred to as the "no programmer left behind" language.

I hear a lot of the same discussions in the software world too, its just like hardware theres really no difference. Each has a set of rules, you follow them or you deal with the consequences. Its rare there are magic bullets, and not all programmer/languages are equal.  You can get by with a lot of the off the shelf stuff, and that covers a suprising amount of work.

Often i'll see something like, well X language/hw lets you do this which is stupid, so in my mind that basically is solved with, don't do stupid things,  not lets blame the toolset for letting us do it. I'd like to see how well that attitude goes down in a machine shop ! :)

FPGA's etc are definitely tricky to get your head around, but not more tricky than say writing a physics engine, you just have to understand it. there are loads of gotchas and that often just comes down to experience, and sometimes just talent. Pick something hard, and then say 'that is hard', i guess i just don't understand that POV.

Sure comparing VHDL to C is going to be silly, but why would you do that ? Is there anyone dumb enough out there who really believes that because it looks similar , its the same ? Especially after they've had a go at it ? Sure internet banter and all that.

I know i struggled with VHDL and initially didn't understand the difference between simulation and synthesizing, which is a very odd concept to me as a developer.



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