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Linus Sebastion Turned Down $100M Offer

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Linus turned down a $100M offer for Linus Tech Tips. 60% cash, 40% equity.
And he (plus his wife) are the sole owners.
Repect  :-+

we would like to possess your work for use as a marketing vector

He managed to create quite a big business just with "tech enternainment". Whether we find it interesting or not, that's amazing.

Given how his business must be making, selling it at this point wouldn't make much sense. He's too young for that. He gets way enough money as it is, and selling it would probably mean half of his employees getting fired too. So yeah. But yes he's looking for a CEO.

Admire him and his vision :-+

His comments about "Selling Out" are spot on  :clap:



--- Quote from: mawyatt on May 25, 2023, 03:03:49 pm ---Admire him and his vision :-+

His comments about "Selling Out" are spot on  :clap:

--- End quote ---
Don't think so. As a business owner it is better to sell out and cash in when the chance arrives. I know quite a few who didn't sell and saw their 'fortune' evaporate to zero. As a business owner, number one is yourself. Learn not to care about people in the sense that they are family of some sort. Qualified people will always find a good job (and are likely to leave at some point anyway) and there is also the possibility to start something new with members of the team that don't like the new management and/or are laid off. One of my former employers sold the company for good money and nowadays he employs many of the old staff.

As Linus is stepping down as CEO, there will be new management so from a functional perspective he should cash in anyway. With 40% in equity, he'd still own a major part of the company, be able to influence how the company is being run AND have money in the bank.


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