Author Topic: Lion Air crash: Jakarta Boeing 737 'had prior instrument error'  (Read 78559 times)

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Re: Lion Air crash: Jakarta Boeing 737 'had prior instrument error'
« Reply #1275 on: January 15, 2020, 02:07:54 pm »
If workers had been cut out of a share of profits that productivity gains provided since the beginning of the industrial revolution there would never have been an industrial revolution because the buying power of the middle class would not have risen and the volume of production would never have increased.
An example is Brit colonization of India. For some 60 years under British colonialism, India traded at a surplus but ended with a financial deficit. India benefited from law and order and culture and technology. But most of their profits were enjoyed by Britain. Not that certain individuals in India didn't profit, massively. (Not all that different from how Saudi Arabia enriches certain individuals in America in order for this club to massively profit at the expense of America's economy. The average Saudi citizen is a baller, but without this arrangement, Iran would come and take their lunch box).

There is actually nothing wrong with this system. It's how society advances. Slavery and/or disaparity in income is necessary. We don't have a better way. It doesn't exist. Communism is the same thing, only the ruling class will inevitably need to use excessive force and restrictions of freedom to maintain this order. In communism, you are born to the ruling class like nobility, and you sit in a room deciding what your peasants do and how to punish them. In capitalism, whoever has the money has the responsibility to protect their own and their peasants interests (and these people have the ability to lose all this money, too).

If your country shares better and is happy, it's not for long. Cuz the country that does not will have a bigger club and will take that tribute that your country was not collecting from its people to use for such things. The idea is for the wealthy to have its best interests aligned better with the peasants. Like a big protection racquet.

I think US is far from the worst to its peasants, and is one of the the least racist first world countries, IMO. Not that it's great, but there's lots worse.

People might look at Switzerland and say it's a peaceful country. The history behind that is that Swiss have strong geographical defenses and were historically very successful mercenaries. The regional European powers mutually agreed to leave Switzerland alone, otherwise if Switzerland takes a side, the other power would have to get their merc from somewhere else.

Sorry to get so far off topic.
Yes systems are still quite compact but the society is not advancing and that is the real reason of today's worst condition of most of the countries.

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