Author Topic: Looking for a cheap capture card or BNC to IP converter? (Security stuff)  (Read 1625 times)

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Hey all, so for some reason my axis 2401+ died, I think my fault  :( (I made a change over teamviewer and it said "restarting the server" but I think you need to pull the power, I always did but couldn't drive over there on that day or the next couple) and now it will not connect to the network. It does try one in like, 10 times, but it doesn't stick  :-BROKE

Anyways, I need another solution, I have seen a $5 usb capture card but it's on and won't ship to Canada.

The next options are PCI capture cards. I have limited space in the server but I do have one or two more slots left, and I doubt I need the SCSI raid card, I noticed one of those compact style SCSI connectors on the back of my server while putting it in.

This one seems to be a good, cheap option:

Another thing I think may exist but I am not sure, is a small box to hook BNC and LAN into and it basically just turns it into an IP camera.

These capture cards do support four cameras though, and you can get decent looking quality BNC cameras for $30 + shipping, and they have IR, they look like the ones that come in several hundred dollar kits so I think a capture card is best in the long run, and cheaper than an actual dvr style box, this allows me to get cameras as I need/want them.

Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations. I'm going to be using this capture card with yawcam for motion detection, I imagine they can output some sort of video feed like a webcam would, I'm not sure, but being able to do that is important.

Waiting to see if someone I know has something like this laying around I could get really cheap, but I doubt it.

Also, does anyone know a way to convert TV lines to a rough pc resolution? I'd like to know what sort of resolution images I can get out of these things.

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The analog/BNC cameras top out at 700 TVL I believe, and anything higher would be some digital format (SDI).

IP cameras are commonly higher resolutions (720p+). The nice thing about them is you can run power with POE, so just one RJ45 line is required. But may be beyond your budget.

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