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looking into safety of net-powered devices
« on: April 09, 2021, 11:44:41 am »
Recently I was looking for reviews of Aliexpress power adapters, hoping I could find something that was a bit better (but still affordable).  I didn't find anything "better", all I found was motivation to never buy any of these.  I thought "Newegg sells some of these, they can't be that bad"....


Now, I'm looking for a lab supply with higher voltage/current than my smaller linear regulated one. With my fresh skepticism I looked into a teardown of a "Wanptek" that seemed affordable, nice and reasonably well-made. There were a few details that weren't excellent, but the biggest complaint was about the separation of primary and secondary. Apparently it wasn't big enough, guaranteeing it to fail any CE testing. To me, the device looked otherwise modern and well-made

Then I looked at a Conrad/Basetech lab supply of similar cost, which has much lower specifications. It's safety-approved, but otherwise looks plain miserable to me:

I'm looking for some opinions to make head or tail of this. I'm only going to use these devices/adapters myself, not reselling, and weighing the risks.
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