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Does anyone know of some good and interesting magazines and books about electrical and electronic engineering?

Magazine (UK based and international) I read.

1/ Everyday Practical Electronics (I buy back copies when needed).
2/ Elektor (I buy any article of interest using online credits).
3/ Circuit Cellar (I have every issue up to 2008 on cdrom, cheapest way to buy the magazine)

1/ The Art of Electronics, Horowitz and Hill.
2/ Digital Signal Processing, Steve Smith.
3/ The Circuit Designers Companion, Tim Williams.
4/ Digital Electronics-A practical Approach, William Kleitz.
5/ Programming 16 bit microcontrollers in C (PIC24), Lucio Di Jasio
Loads of others on programming.


Go to your college library while you can, they'll be subscribed to every major EE journal there is.  IEEE Spectrum is one that has some interesting circuits from time to time.  There should be a few rows of EE books.  I learned electronics from making vacuum tube guitar amps, so I had a blast in mine when I found all of the old tube electronics books.

How did you get a start making the guitar amps? I'd like to try out making a valve guitar or power amp for fun.
I've messed about with valves/tubes in the past when I was a teenager but not built/designed anything from scratch.
Any good books on the subject?


offtopic/  It all boils down to just a few things.. keep your input, output and power supply sections in their respective zones, twist all of your AC heater wires and place your transformers at right angles to one other with their bells facing different directions.  There are a bunch of guides there for all sorts of other things in the project docs.

I also hung out at the forums a lot to glean extra knowledge, but I never bought a book.  There are some great free ones on Google books, I'm sure. (EDIT: not to say I didn't read any, as I said, I checked a lot out in the library, but they weren't audio-centric, just to clear that up.  I looked mostly at analog computing)



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