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Major problems with the delivery of goods from Farnell in Europe

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Farnell (UK) has very serious problems with the delivery of ordered goods in Europe.
And this applies to the transport of this goods in Europe.
Until recently, even the goods ordered late in the afternoon until 6.00 p.m. (6pm) were delivered on the next day.

              Today, a week after the order, I don't even know if the goods were shipped from the UK !!!

I have not encountered such hopeless service yet. I can't even get an explanation if and when the goods will be delivered to me !!!
If I ordered goods in the USA (DigiKey, Mouser) I would have it after 4 days !!! (Ship from USA to Europe)

Currently, I sincerely advise against ordering components in Farnell, especially if we urgently need components!

Why companies persist in supplying the EU from outside it , is beyond me.

Unfortunately, there is no large (universal) supplier in the EU such as Farnell, DigiKey or Mouser.
In Poland, I also have TME, but the choice is smaller than those mentioned above.

Have you considered that it is nearly holiday season which means couriers are swamped with presents? Especially since a lot of people won't be able to spend Christmas with family so instead they decide to send a gift?

Farnell has always been useless, even in the UK.

We have a general rule that we don't order from Farnell unless there is seriously no other choice.

CPC for instance, delivering power supplies, promised 3-5 working days, reality was 2 weeks, plus they only shipped 2 out of 3 actual PSUs, the other was replaced with a completely different product but with the last two digits of the product code transposed.

I have had repeated issues with Farnell mucking up orders - general carelessness and lack of quality controls.  Promising lead times that never materialise.  And they continue to increase shipping costs and delivery thresholds on top of this.

If I order from Digi-Key or Mouser, my order always arrives on time & correct.


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