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Mastech MS8229 Controller


Hi there,

after reading this tutorial, I was curious, if my meter would be upgradable too.

Unluckily it seems to be neither one of these Cyrustek chips, nor the one from this howto.

Do you have any clue how to find out more? The controller is covered by a blob of black plastic and there don't seem to be any external components or hints on the silkscreen.

Greetings lindworm

It would only be possible if it was already available for a better version in the same line. Looking at the 'Interfaces' page on the manufacturer's website, these may be available:

--- Quote ---R3405
For MS8218, MS8226 series, MS8220 series, MS8203, MS7212, MS6701
MS8218, MS6701, MS7212, MS8226 series, MS8220 series
--- End quote ---
You can see how the others did it: look up the part number, find the pins associated with serial communications (UART, SPI, bit-banged) first by datasheet then, if no luck with the standard pinout, by probing, then attach wires and condition the signal so you can read it.


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