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Microsoft broke into my office and vandalized my work!!

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Ok a bit diva-ish but really wtf?

So I left my pc on overnight to log some important data to work on the next day
I enter the office next morning and instead of a graph populated with measurements I'm facing the login screen

I log in and peruse the event log, Microsoft have decided to install updates and restart the machine, terminating the running measurement program and loosing all of it's valuable data.
The only professional thing about W10 Pro is the professional way in which they ruined my day!

They "virtually" did exactly what the title says albeit remotely

It's pretty easy to disable if you know where to look.

Bummer. After they did that to me, I fixed the problem: (Windows Pro only, unfortunately)


--- Quote from: amyk on November 11, 2021, 02:25:44 am ---It's pretty easy to disable if you know where to look.

--- End quote ---

BS unless you pay for pro.

After doing a bunch of 'suggested' fixes and still having the reboots, I found the only way (at least right now without buying PRO) is to enable Metered Connection.

How many time do you have to set that?
It appears to be something that has to be added as a weekly maintenance task to ensure MS haven't changed it back because I know for a fact I have set it to notify and more than once


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