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Misc exciting, thought provoking comments etc etc etc
« on: November 10, 2010, 03:39:40 pm »
Frig Dave, every time I'm on the road, I end up cursing drivers who are too stupid or distracted to drive safely. And there you are, recording a rant while driving! Real good. I hope your camera survives the accident so we can see whom you've run into. Come on...

Is Digikey becoming a jerk? They sent me some wrong parts in my last order - a few dollars worth of inductors. In the olden days, they would have told me to keep them. This time, they wasted my time, making me send them back. What the...?!!??!

What's with the lack of detail in your vidcasts?? This is supposed to be a techie blog, right? Please...more details. Ask questions, don't just go "ooh ahh sex-on-a-stick" all the time. A couple incidents spring to mind: Your visit to that giant surplus store - give us some REAL info - prices, condition, etc (BTW, aren't scopes "test equipment"? You kept looking for test equipment while surround by Tek scopes. Kinda funny.)  Another example - that "x-ray" camera thingy to see through walls at the Renesas event (I think). Very cool, but, you just drooled on it. ASK SOME QUESTIONS!!! How does it work?

Merch eh!? :-)  Like your designs. Especially the FSM/FSM shirt. Funny how so many engineers are conservative/religious nutbar types. What the hell's the story with that!???

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