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MMCX adapter


Hey guys, I'm looking for and MMCX adapter (an extension chord to be precise). I have an MMCX antenna that doesn't fit into a chip due to too narrow space so i need and adapter with a right angle plug at the end. So again it's [any shape female MMCX] -> [right angle male MMCX]

I've been looking around the Internet for such a cable, but i couldn't find anything. I've been told those cables are hard to crimp due to high frequency (it's a GSM antenna) and that you should get one properly done, otherwise it may broke easily or not work anyway.

Do you have any clue on where to find one / get one done ?

Someplace in Europe would be fine otherwise I'm afraid that the shipping cost would be too high.

Thanks in advance guys

A company I worked for used to get MMCX to N pigtails made up by a local company. I just found a place in the USA that lets you order them - . They supply straight and right angle MMCX with a choice of gender, cable type and length.

Cheers mate, thanks for the help


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