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--- Quote from: MarkF on February 08, 2024, 05:41:31 pm ---I believe most companies offer both insulated and electro- (metal) frogs.
My question would only apply to electro-frogs in which case the frog polarity
needs to change with the point positions.

The advantage of an electro-frog is to avoid loss of power going over the frog
for short locomotives or ones with only one set of pickups.

Most of my turnouts are Peco (who offers both types) with a few Shinohara.
The track is Peco flex track with brown ties.

--- End quote ---
I'm familiar with the issue. I just don't see track layouts where the electro frogs are used. The Piko layout I have has isolated frog that actually makes a contract when you switch it. Marklin, Fleischmann and other Europena brands do the same as I understand. Peco, Atlas and other American brands do different things. So I wasn't going to add this functionality, as I tried to keep it simple and small.

--- Quote from: andy3055 on February 09, 2024, 02:13:49 am ---You should get a patent first. That is if it is a unique design.  Then, sell it to Atlas or Hornby or any other manufacturer.

--- End quote ---
There isn't anything revolutionary about this, Marklin has turnouts that have the electronics built in, and as I understand Zimo accessory decoders for example can be programmed to do this. Al these companies have their internal engineering team, if they wanted something similar, they could do that easily. I mean it's a size of a loco DCC decoder with less functionality.


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