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Are there any model train enthusiasts on here who model on mostly HO and/or N scale?


I always wanted to build one of those N scale coffee table layouts.  But I think Mr Rogers must have got to me when I was young because ended up going G scale outside the patio.

Here's the one I made over about three years - N scale. I don't have it anymore because I had to use the room for other things. All custom designed and custom LED lighting. Might make another smaller one though.

Here is my HO railroad in progress.
Just finished laying all the track on 10'x7' benchwork.
It uses a custom control hardware based on old DC blocks.  However, my throttle is a mix of PWM for slow speed, then transitioning to DC for high speed.  I also designed a custom wireless controller around the nRF24L01+ transceivers.  The wireless throttle controls both speed and track turnout switching.  My current testing has three simultaneous controllers with seven locomotives.  Massive congestion on the railway!

My first iteration of the custom throttle was based on the my Apple ][ computer.  Majorly insufficient for the task!

I used AnyRail to do the track design.

UPDATE: (Photo montage added):

Xr's N scale looks amazing! Mark looks like you are really getting into great control systems that I can only dream of. I got into an N scale High Sierra quite accidentally and now starting on an HO 10x4 layout. I need to dispose the N scale as I don't have so much space and at 70+ it is harder to deal with. Besides,  I have this collection of HO stuff from when I was 30+ in boxes. If I don't get them rolling now, it is going to be too late for me. I am almost done with the tracks. The board is occupying half of a small office room! I have to crawl under it to get to the other side. Made it in a way that I can pull the whole thing forward to do it. Please update as you make progress as it is very enjoyable to read about your work. Thanks.


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