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MOV fire risk

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Here in Sao Paulo we have a two phase mains distribution, with two times 120 V at 180° phase. It's a huge system like that. I can use all 230 V appliances i brought from Germany and i can buy and use US products, too. In our house we have two sets of sockets: white for 120 V and red for 240 V. Many modern appliances are "bivolt".

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--- Quote from: DavidAlfa on December 10, 2023, 01:34:25 pm ---Of course Apple sees easy money there, they will just argue it was a mains surge...
Please buy a new expensive thing from us!

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Apple’s chargers are famously spare-no-expense designs made entirely with premium components. If they aren’t using MOVs, there’s a good reason. (And historically, Apple chargers have proven to be very durable.)

There are plenty of reasonable things to criticize Apple about, but power supply quality most certainly is not among them.


--- Quote from: coppice on December 20, 2023, 12:31:39 am ---
--- Quote from: SiliconWizard on December 19, 2023, 10:56:42 pm ---Yes, twice the current is like not negligible.

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Its questionable if they have twice the current. The weak load that's possible from a US socket means they don't have most of the high consumption appliances, like 3kW kettles and 2.5kW hair dryers that are normal in 220-240V mains countries.

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I would assume the very common 1500 watt 12.5 amp space heaters are the real killer. They're typically the only continuous heavy 120V load in the house. Combine with a loose socket or crappy 16 gauge extension cord (or worse yet 2 on one with a 20A breaker just hanging on), or some illegal flying splice in the wall or attic done with less than reputable wire nuts and there's the fire.

Some power tools and appliances also pull 12+ amps, but aside from the 12 amp leaf blower I can't think of any I use that do so for hours on end like a space heater will.


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