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Multimeter Repurpose Ideas - Anyone?

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I just got a flyer in the mail.  This has to be a record.  Harbor Freight are selling their multimeter for $1.99 US!

(The web price is $4.99 but the mailed coupon is for $1.99)

Radio shack sell their project boxes for that price!

Of course its not a serious meter, but, for the above deal you can re-purpose the multimeter to make something else.

If you take the Centec apaaahgt, you get:

* A ready made project box:
* Radial Switch
* 9V Battery connector
* Test Leads (we know, don't use them for mains!)

All for $1.99.   For $4.99 you can still make out. 

Oh the possibilities....

 ;D Love the "Get accurate readings..." ...

 use it with an old PC that has a parallel port and use a R 2R DAC to count the number of unread messages in your inbox...

A Tricorder!

I'll also like "noisemaker".   Each selection on the turning knob plays a different tune to annoy your friends

02 meters output linear voltage proportionate 02%.  I built an 02 meter around this, but this should work as a backup.

Where is the coupon?

I need to buy this NOW before the price changes!

Lets make a prank to Dave , we will buy one of those and send it to him for review..  ;D ;D ;D ;D


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