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Title: My first oscilliscope... "probe"
Post by: XOIIO on July 03, 2014, 06:59:10 am
Hey all, back when my Tektronix analog scope worked, I did not have a scope probe. I also knew very little about scopes, but I knew you did need one, I wasn't even really familiar with how they looked or were constructed, so I put together this beauty which I found recently.

Don't worry, it has an authentic Tektronix cable  ;D (Though I have no memory of where I got the BNC)

Unfortunately winter killed the scope, but it worked enough to check out some audio signals on the scope which was pretty cool. I'd love to get three analog scopes, and hook them to each channel of my speakers, it would be a nice visualizer  :)

If/when I send some random stuff to dave for mailbag I think I'm going to include these, maybe they will be a good addition to his high spec equipment  :-DD It would be funny to see what he thinks of their performance. I might toss em in a padded envelope and send them to him sooner (hopefully that way I can get away with a few stamps for postage)

Title: Re: My first oscilliscope... "probe"
Post by: tautech on July 03, 2014, 07:10:59 am
They are things of beauty.  :-DD
Thanks for sharing.  :-+