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My shitty week of repairs!!!!
« on: September 24, 2019, 08:50:39 am »
Well we all have that weeks.

I will start.

I had some things around here that I've been waiting too much time to repair, and decided to start. Let's say that the success rate is low, well none basically until now.

First lets start with the Philips HD2079 Soy Milk Maker. My wife tried to use the machine last week and as normal, the machine should start, heat up the liquid and then the motor starts. Although when the motor was supposed to start the machine turns off and restart after 30 sec.

I opened and I was met with this carnage:



Even if I wanted to change the motor for another one or the brushes, the apparatus itself its made if I try to rip the motor out, I break the supports of the same, so the only way is changing the entire bottom part, that conveniently I tried seached online and none are available to sale (at least I didn't found any). The motor is inside of a metal cylinder that goes from top to bottom, that is part of the outside of the bottom assembly. Tried to hit it to see if it moved, not even a inch. The control board is isolated and it is in perfect condition, no burning marks or black spots, the ones that were there were cleaned with a tissue and were from the motor itself (the case was full of small bits of the brushes from the motor).



So a new one it have to be.

Ok, then lets go to the next one: MI TV 40 Inch L40M2-AA no start up, no lights, nothing.


I was expecting that the Fuse was the cause. In the Input of the cable in the PSU, 230V AC. Fuse OK, secondary part of the PSU had a plug that connects to the left board were is the processor part of the TV, with a plug of 18 pins, where 4 were 12V and 4 5V. tested all with the right voltages, so PSU is not.

Unfortunately I don't have a scope to test the logic part of the TV, but I suspect it was a corrupted software update because my wife told me that the TV stopped working after it said in the screen that it was going to restart.

I don't have a USB TTL available so this one will have to be when I received.

Ok last one, Phicomm PSG1218 router, that one was one that I wanted to put the OpenWRT on it, since the official software is very basic compared with what the router is capable of with custom software.

All the search I've done online shows that all the firmwares support downgrade to a earlier version, exempt the one I have, the last firmware available on the website, were they simply plug the vulnerability in the Telnet connection that allowed that. Other vulnerabilities like changing the headers of the page via inspect in Firefox, or accessing to a terminal prop in the webpage of the router itself or even loading a custom backup settings file to activate the SSH needed to flash the firmware were plugged. The only way is the same as the TV, USB TTL to write the eeprom with the custom firmware.

So 0 success out of 3... What a shitty way to start a week.  |O :-BROKE
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