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Need a music editor with a special non-destructive edit feature.

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Hi Everyone,
     I have an existing long audio track.  I wish to manipulate the audio volume and EQ during specific segments of the sound file.  I would like to set specific portions to for example, -2db, -10db, +5db.  And I would like to edit, fine tune the beginning and ending of each manual volume section after the fact.

     Now, I know this sounds like the 'Sound Envelope' in audacity.  But, that damn thing wont let me set a specific +/- decibel value.  I also cannot move/edit the beginning and ending without messing up the high and low point while it tries to make a smooth ramp and I can never keep the volume the same across a 1-2 minute span since it is a lousy graphical input which cannot tell me the decibel setting.

     Is there another public domain audio editor which will allow me to add and reposition simple audio effects like volume control.  The old audio editor which came in Window's Nero CD burning software did this, but I don't have a license and you could not save the sound file without loosing the source non-destructive edit version.

     Any good suggestion would be well appreciated.
     BTW, I'm using windows only.

Yeah, Audacity is still lacking in terms of usability and features. I have tried other open-source editors, but none that were significantly better. Maybe someone else has.

What I can suggest though - I've been using it - is to try Reaper. It's more than an audio editor, it's a full DAW, but you can use it as an audio editor and it has a lot of editing features, envelopes, automation, etc. and a very comprehensive manual.
It's not open-source, but it's cross-platform, works fine on Windows, macOS and Linux, and is free for personal use AFAIR (I have a small business license myself, which is quite cheap, but without license, I think you'll just get a nagging screen for a couple seconds when you start it.)

As above
or even
Davinci Resolve

neither open source, but hey can't be too picky if you just want to use something

I do not need open source.  I just need it to be at least free in the beginning for testing, and it needs to work on an old Win7 laptop with 4gb of ram.

 :palm: I just tested Wavepad by NHC software and OceanAudio.

My god, they are so god damn close.  They both have a 'define region' which I can name, reposition, adjust beginning and ending.  But for the love of god, I cannot set a specific volume or any effect for each region.  If I select a region and set a volume, ok, that region's volume changes.  Then if I move the region, the volume edit does not move with it, it stays where it was before as the volume effect was hard written into the audio instead of it being a non-destructive position adjustable effect tied to the region.


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