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need a reciprocating mechanism

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I wonder if there are kits or toys that offers a reciprocating mechanism that converts rotary movement into linear? I need the linear movement to be about 1 - 2 cm, and the mechanism should be as small as possible. I wonder if there are kits or toys that you know of that have such a mechanism?


Kinda cheating considering you can build pretty much any basic mechanism but should work as long as you don't need too much load bearing

Attach a stub axel to one of the off-centre holes in a gear then you can make a crank like that.

Edit: This has some examples

With an old style mecano set (those metal stuff) you could make one easily. All you need is a circular piece with holes, a straight piece with holes, a tiny motor and a couple of nuts/bolts.

I know of one, though the mechanism is rather dodgy, along with the suppliers. They are common in toys, so look in the toy store for some with this motion.

You have not mentioned volume, expected lifetime, number of cycles per minute, or voltage and current available for it.

I found some toys searching for "Tamiya" and reciprocating, such as:

as well as the other Tamiya kits on that site.

They're not going to be cheap.


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