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NEED calculation for Impedance matching transformer for vacuum tubes amp

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does anyone know a link, book or any soure for making Impedance matching transformer for vacuum tubes amp

im want to make one for my 15W tube amp project

Is this for the output stage or for interstage matching?


Hey uranium,

Check out this site for some great info on tube amps, if you haven't already

they have some great free plans available, and the people on the forums are quite knowledgeable.

Now, as for your immediate issue, try looking up the data sheet for your power tubes, there should be a recommended range for the primary impedance for the output transformer, just remember to match the secondary impedance to the speakers your using as well.

For curiosity sake, what tubes are you using, SE or PP output stage?

Don't know if you read the thread, but i completed a Tube amp a few months ago using EL84 output tubes with a 5751 driver tube, you can see the project here

@ dave

 im using it in output stage

@ MTron

thanks for the links

im planning to use pp for output stage

by the way nice tube amp project  ;D

What tubes are you using, might be able help you determine what output impedance u should run

Also, keep us updated...and pics!!!


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