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Need some advice on a quick and easy mic pre amp


So i have 6 condenser microphones.
And i need to design 6 individual pre amps for them.

What i want to do is to get the audio signal from the mics into some ADC chips for some audio processing.
I really cant be bothered putting much effort into the actual preamps. So I am looking for a self contained chip that will do the job

I looked around and found this

So if i connect a condenser mic to this and then connect the output from this to an ADC would the ADC be able to read that?

The end result is I want to do some DSP on the data coming in from the ADCs to identify the frequencies of the notes being played in a guitar.(Each string has a microphone underneath it).
So as you can see most of the work is in the DSP, so Im looking for a quick solution for the analog end.

I'm not an expert of audio, but since I see no replies, I'll post mine.
I think this IC is much more than you really need. An issue could be the fact it needs dual power supply. Usually, ADCs accept positive only inputs, so you'll need another conditioning stage (passive, at least).
A single supply opamp IC with a good bandwidth (desired gain*20kHz) would do the job without the need for a negative supply.

BTW: which type of microphone are the ones you use? Electret?

the chip is to complicated.
Use a 1 or two stage inverting opamp amplifier.
What is the range of the ADC?

The microphone signal will be in the mV range. To get it to the volts range you need a gain of 1000.

Watch out for distortion. The dynamic range is very high. You may need some automatic gain aka Compressor.

Then it also will be difficult to distiguis between the 6 strings because the sound is not only the string but also ge case of the guitar.


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