Author Topic: Megger (insulation resistance tester) needed (UNI-T UT502 an option?)  (Read 1950 times)

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Hi, recently I needed a megger for insulation testing (2500V) for some small scale testing of a unit for a customer.

The Fluke and Megger ones are expensive (1500-2500 USD) when you need >1000V.

I've seen plenty of cheap ones on Ebay

Specifically the UNI-T UT502 looks like it does what I need. I know that UNI-T do multimeters of varying quality.

I'm *very* skeptical of buying something that outputs 2500V from a low cost Chinese brand, moreover I wonder if the results would really be trustworthy.

Any thoughts?

I plan to buy a B&K PR-28A (looks identical to the Fluke 80K-40) high voltage adapter so that I can measure the output voltage of the UNI-T, to check that the unit is outputting something near specifications.
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