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Never be so stupid as I was

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I'd like to share my stupidity and with sharing this maybe I could prevent that somebody does the same mistake by just not thinking.
Basically I can't do anything right now as I've sent all my DMMs to a calibration lab. Now I started to do some experiments with voltage references and have noting to measure except my el cheapo 2,5 digit hardware store DMM.

Never ever send every device of a kind you have for calibration (I don't see the available DMM as serious lab device.). Now I have to wait until I get them back.
Well there is nothing more to say and feel free to tell me that I should think before I act.

Ebay is your friend.

Some might commiserate here..

Well I have test gear, it's just at a calibration lab.
At the other hand, you can't have enough DMMs i guess. :D

edit: oh now I fully understood your posting entirely. There is already a thread for poor souls like mine that need therapy. :D

Hmm, there still might be something useful to do. Some ideas:

1. DIY oil change on your car. Or any other car maintenance thing.
2. Doing the dishes.
3. vacuum the house.
4. create shelf space by trowing away stuff you never going to need again.
5. clean gutters.
6. anything on the ToDo list regarding friends, family and acquaintances.

DIY oil change is another possibly stupid thing.  What if you kick the oil plug and can't find it?  You can't drive to your auto supply store, or anywhere else.


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