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Hi Ravi,

For support relating to EEVblog products, email

Hi Halcyon,

Thanks for your reply. I have sent a couple emails to that address over the last 3 months, but haven't had any response. I've just sent a PM to EEVBLOG also, so hopefully that will lead somewhere.

Really appreciate the prompt responses here.



Trailing Edge:

I'm an aeronautical/mechanical engineer by day, and in my spare time I build a lot of renewable energy projects.  I've also built a lot of electronic projects from plans until recently I felt comfortable enough to design things of my own.  Mostly these are data-logging devices, based on microcontrollers such as PICAXE and Arduino.  In the course of building these I have spent the most development time on tachometers, which are somewhat devilish in wind turbines, for many reasons.

I already posted an into the Beginners forum - but then found out there's actually a thread just for saying "hello" (Thanks Renate for pointing me in the right direction).

I want to ask a bunch of questions about programming microcontrollers and setting up instruments for them.  I am hoping to find a lot of people who know about instruments and uC's to learn more tricks and techniques.

HI, everyone,

newbie report, now engaged in instrumentation maintenance。


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