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HI, everyone,

newbie report, now engaged in instrumentation maintenance。

You are very sincere!!!

Hello from Germany!
I am working in IT-Administration as a trainee (or is apprenticeship the word?) position. Studied computer science (called "Informatics" here) before, then was dropped out due to my math skills not being up to the job.

Picked up electronics tinkering as a hobby back in school, has since evolved into kind of knowing what I am doing.
I have some experience in setting up studio and PA gear, which combines nicely with electronics in my current project of building a headphone amplifier. No noteworthy breakthroughs there (yet)  :-BROKE

hi everybody
My name is Marco, from Lima- Peru, South America, I am an electronic engineer, worked in maintenance aviation, electronics/eletrical repair as long as 40 years. regards for everybody and hope to share information.

Hello from White Spring, FL my name is Mike

A retired computer programmer with a passion for;  Embedded design, Electronics (know enough to dangerous) and Photography.
Also an avid reader, about an even mix of fiction and non-fiction.


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