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Hello all from Florida!

My name is Will. I'm currently attending university for my second Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering.

I'm *hopefully* an almost-lawyer (just took the bar), and *hopefully* a soon-to-be Patent Lawyer.

I have a passion for vintage computers and electronics restoration, and I run a YouTube channel on the side, exploring my passions and sharing my love for retrocomputing with all who are interested. I'm also interested in analog photography, although my skills are lacking, I'd love to learn. I play trumpet on the side, and have always enjoyed jazz. I'm also a voracious reader (when I have the time), and would love any recommendations; I'm big on sci-fi, but also enjoy non-fiction and history (which was actually my first degree).

I look forward to learning from you all!

Hi I am Charlie,
I currently work for an IoT company based in NZ. I am starting to do more home projects and am looking forward to learning more about electronics.

Hello, rarubioc here.
Electronics engineer from mexico that got sucked into medical equipment. I travel the country repairing tomography and ultrasound machines.
Currently looking into embedded sofware for a possible carreer change, I have a dev. kit from freescale for 8 bit microcontrollers and experience from my bachelor's degree, I hope to start working on personal projects and eventually apply to some company where embedded systems are developed.

Hello, Jim here. I'm a retired Electrical Engineer from Southern California US. In my former life I designed SATCOM modems for the military. Now I mostly hang out in the Thermal Imaging forum.

Hello from Canada. Electronics hobbyist for all my life and I'm an electrical engineer in my day job. Slowly building up a collection of test gear - because...hey, I deserve it!


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