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Hi I am Charlie,
I currently work for an IoT company based in NZ. I am starting to do more home projects and am looking forward to learning more about electronics.

Hello, rarubioc here.
Electronics engineer from mexico that got sucked into medical equipment. I travel the country repairing tomography and ultrasound machines.
Currently looking into embedded sofware for a possible carreer change, I have a dev. kit from freescale for 8 bit microcontrollers and experience from my bachelor's degree, I hope to start working on personal projects and eventually apply to some company where embedded systems are developed.

Hello, Jim here. I'm a retired Electrical Engineer from Southern California US. In my former life I designed SATCOM modems for the military. Now I mostly hang out in the Thermal Imaging forum.

Hello from Canada. Electronics hobbyist for all my life and I'm an electrical engineer in my day job. Slowly building up a collection of test gear - because...hey, I deserve it!

Hello there,

an apprentice turbojet mechanic by trade dabbling in electronics as a hobby; mostly audio related. Have already swapped couple hundred components out of old amplifiers and did some basic reapairs myself.

First completely self designed work were a pair of non regulated 12V DC supplies as a secondary supply for amplifier relays.

Couldn't withstand spending the money to get to the cheapest high accuracy frequency source by pairing a Siglent SDG2042X with a LeoBodnar Mini GPSDO. Which might already count as TimeNuttery.


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