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Hello there,

an apprentice turbojet mechanic by trade dabbling in electronics as a hobby; mostly audio related. Have already swapped couple hundred components out of old amplifiers and did some basic reapairs myself.

First completely self designed work were a pair of non regulated 12V DC supplies as a secondary supply for amplifier relays.

Couldn't withstand spending the money to get to the cheapest high accuracy frequency source by pairing a Siglent SDG2042X with a LeoBodnar Mini GPSDO. Which might already count as TimeNuttery.

Hi guys,

I'm Kate, second year electrical engineering student and I decided to commit to learning more about applicable stuff. I've decided to go this route of interacting with people who know much more than me and are hopefully willing to deal with my lack of knowledge.

This also helps me practice my English as I don't use it often

Hi everybody,
Alex from Austria happily joins the community, following the YouTube channel since the early days and regularly annoyed by the captcha when searching without login - hence highly motivated to contribute :D


Used to do some protocol and firmware reverse engineering but mostly doing software stuff these days.
The Work-from-Home situation has gotten me to buying a few pieces of equipment for use at home and that's how I ended here.

Hi I'm Joe,

I started as a hobbyist many years back when the C64 and CB radio were alle the rage in Germany, today I work as AV systems technican and software developer (AV as in audio/video). Followed EEVBlog for some years and now finally signed up :-)


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