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Hi, I'm Kevin,
Been an electronics hobbyist for many years with an accompanying interest in Amateur.  Found this site some time ago when researching a new DSO and decided I should finally introduce myself. 

Fatih Aydogan:
Hi, I am Fatih,
I'm a second year civil engineering student and live in Europe side of Istanbul. I signed up for this site because of my engineering background and interest in electronics.
Good day to everyone reading this post.

Howdy all,
I've been leaching off the store of knowledge in here for a while. Going to attempt to give something back. Thanks everybody 😊

Greetings from New England in the US

I am a casual electronics hobbyist mostly interested in analog audio these days.  For my day job I am an electrical engineer, but not the kind that does electronics.   As a young man I picked EE because I was interested in applied electromagnetics, not electronics, so learned as little about traditional analog/digital electronics as possible.  I'm having fun learning material I either forgot or never learned in the first place. 


HI, everyone,

newbie report, now engaged in instrumentation maintenance。


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