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Hello there!
   I'm Rick-Jack, (already been active a while here).  Played guitar, which got me started with (Fender Instruments) TUBE AMPs circuits.
   I didn't know what to think, watching 'The Transistor' gain acceptance, in 1960's.  These days I'm learning to study 'creativity'...that's an elusive talent often discounted!

Lucien Nunes:
Hi I'm Lucien, London-based electronic engineer building bespoke equipment for the film industry and also at the moment running a mechanical precision engineering shop. Formerly installer of theatre lighting and live sound production engineer.

Collector of all sorts of vintage gear, I have a warehouse full of everything from power-station switchgear to 8-bit micros to London's previous TV transmitter to you-name-it. Now turning into a museum you can visit. More about that later.

Greetings Dave and everyone else here.

My name is Andrew. I'm a coder, hardware hacker and a 100% science-tech geek.

Have a nice day 8)

Hello from beautiful Romania! I'm a programmer, electronics hobbyist, radio amateur and lame guitar player.

All the best,


Thomas here, just subscribed to share my work on libsigrok.
I studied electronics in high school 15 years ago and kind of gave it up since, being into computer stuff as a Linux systems engineer.
Recently I fell the need to get back to resistors and capacitors and soldering and metering and stuff like that, I don't even know why.

I'm working on getting a little PAL composite signal to XYZ-mode signal for my Tek scope, so I can display my Apple 2 video on it. ;D

See you around here,


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