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Alex there, Briton from Bretagne/Brittany. Owned 8bits then 16/32bits mighty Amiga.
I've studied maths and physics at University level long ago gathering some diplomas. Then I switched to computer science.
I'm a Unix developer, sysadmin. I'm fluent in a few languages, C, C#, PERL, PHP, JAVA, playing with sensors and databases. I'm curious about electronics trying to go deeper for quite a few years.
I'm here to request for help about a big electrical problem hammering badly my life atm.
I stay positive.


I am Sergey, from Ukraine, former Motorola SE (systems engineer) since 1992. Will be happy to help in field of telecom, radio, any trunking systems (SmartZome, Astro, P25 etc.). Skype: kora007 .


Hi guys & girls,

I'm Peter (65) from the Netherlands. Long ago, I graduated from the Delft University of Technology in Electrical Engineering. Since then, I mostly worked in telecommunications, software developement, mathematics. Now that I'm getting closer to my retirement, it's time to pick up and refresh my good-old hardware hacking skills :-)

Greetings all - I'm Tom from Vermont in the USA.   I do IT for a living and to support my electronics hobby.  Started out with a Radio Shack 100-in-1 kit back in the 70's and have taken apart more gadgets than I have put back together.  I have a perverse kink for clocks of all kinds and equally appreciate all electrons, whether they be electromechanically derived or silicon in a microcontroller.

Long time EEVblog viewer, just signed up to the forum today.   This place looks like it has a LOT of smart folks with good ideas, and I'm eager to learn.



I’m Dermot I don’t have any qualifications to list but like to believe I have a strong understanding of electronics mostly in the automotive industry


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