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Hello everyone,

I'm Detlev from Germany and I live in the beautiful Weserbergland.

I've been reading here for a while and the forum has already given me a lot of valuable information  :-+

I had studied electrical engineering a long time ago, but then slipped into IT. This year I fulfilled a small dream and set up a small electronics measuring station. For me, this is a playground where I can refresh what I've learned and get back to my old hobby of electronics.

My hobbies are cycling, listening to music and much more and now electronics :)

Unfortunately, my English isn't that good, please don't be mad at me, I wasn't paying attention in school  :=\

Many greetings


--- Quote from: Detlev on December 28, 2022, 03:44:55 pm ---Unfortunately, my English isn't that good, please don't be mad at me, I wasn't paying attention in school  :=\

--- End quote ---

Welcome to the forum, Detlev
Don't worry about the language, your English is very good.

Welcome meballar, detlev and apkoff!

New here too, and like detlev, pay the bills slogging around in IT and still love my original hobby and am always looking for ways to spend more time on it than everything else that gets in the way.

Hope to see you all down the threads!

Happy New Year!

Ron from western Sydney (Australia) here.

Retired telecomms tech (37 years in international telecomms) followed by 8 years controlling trains (signaller in a signal box).

Amateur radio operator (VK2OTC) but not very active; treasurer of the local amateur radio club -

Stumbled across this site whilst looking for info on Adcola T-80 soldering iron tips.  Still looking.  :)

Hello all,

My name is Todd Owen, I'm an active power IC design engineer in industry. Started learning electronics in the late 70's with the old Radio Shack kits and then really got into it when I went to college to get my BSEE in the late 80's to early 90's.

Have been doing IC design as a career since I graduated in 1994 and started at LT. Was given the LDO product line to do, so if you've used an LT LDO, I've likely had my hands on it at some point (if not my design start to finish). Most recently heavily involved with low noise products and now into space and radiation environment designs.

Had the opportunity to work with some great people over the years.

Feel free to ask me questions!



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