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Hi all,

Tom from Virginia, USA...I'm not in the industry, I just enjoy fixing things. Recently I started repairing old computer boards and fell down a rabbit hole. Should have been an EE instead of an attorney, maybe in another life. I have been lurking for quite a while and I have learned a lot. The education continues...

Mark from Redmond, WA, USA.  I've been lurking on this site for a few years now.  My day job is programming and it drains the life out of me.  I'm hoping eventually to design some new products that I can sell and earn enough to escape having to work a day job.  Not just for the money though, I like the idea of creating new electronic devices.

Andrew from Adelaide, Australia.

Electronics Technician working in hardware / firmware development environments for the last three decades, most recently in the Aerospace, Science and Engineering sectors.

I have and interest in prototyping, test & measurement and all things retro.

Hi All,

Ed from the USA here. I am not in the industry outside of a few PCB layouts that I've been commissioned to produce. I have been a hobbyist for many years though, and a ham radio operator for just about as long (KC2FNA). I have been a lurker on the forum for quite a while and would like to see what I can contribute back to the community.

I've been tinkering with circuits since for many years. Lately I've been working on a few nixie tube related projects, but my past has ranged from home automation to vacuum tube amplifiers, to test equipment modification and all sorts of obscure tangents. Aside from that I tend to try to repair any broken device I come across.

Hello. I am an undergraduate Electronics Engineering student and I hate math, physics, and circuits \$\Omega\$. I find the semiconductor industry interesting as it sits at the cutting edge of human progress and development. I want to be there, right on the edge. So I want to work in a premiere semiconductor company like TSMC, Arm, Mediatek, Qualcomm, NVIDIA, or Apple.


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