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Good luck

I'm Phill. I'm interested in the vast field of electronics. RC flyer by day, soldering maniac by night.

Hello, I'm Joop and I'm setting up my measurement corner. Sometimes I have to build my own stuff because its not there. I'm busy with sound, model trains and computer, sometimes all combined. But for now its setting up my own measurement lab.

I'm currently learning electronics by my own trying to build a radio. So far it's been lots of fun although I'm not even near my goal yet :D

Good Afternoon,

Perusing this site trying to find ways that I could increase the capability of a new-to-me Anritsu SiteMaster S332D. I acquired this unit at quite a bargain and having purchased an InstaCal and new battery, look forward to using the instrument in my volunteer and professional world. I primarily look to use it for chasing down cables and antenna issues related to Amateur Radio, however I am also in public safety and instruct courses related to communications. This instrument will likely tag along with me to courses as show-n-tell and to help others understand the tech available to them. Currently the unit only has Option 3. While it is beyond EOL, I am wondering what mods may be available to unlock other features of this now antiquated technology. The last time I updated an S332E I believe a hex file had to be uploaded via USB. I am guessing that something similar has to be done over the serial connection on the S332D model since it doesn't have a USB port. Anyone know of a code generator or other ways to get the activation codes? What about internal hardware to add features?


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