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Hello. I came across this forum merely from a Google search lookup on something and had a little browse around... looks a cool little place :) While I have interests in technology and the like, I know nothing about working with electronics so don't expect me in the dedicated forums areas about it, haha.

Hi All!
         Recently retired after almost 40 years in the engineering department at a major university. Life long geek/nerd with a rekindled interest in electronics after a many year hiatus. Amateur radio, vintage tube radios and test equipment, drones/quadcopters are my main hobbies. Finding myself on this forum more and more....

Salve ,sono Tiziano, sono in pensione dopo 43 anni di officina  metalmeccanica. Da parecchi anni frequento il vostro sito e vorrei mostrare alcuni lavori di elettronica analogica del presente e del passato. Buona vita.

Good evening to all members of the forum, my name is enzo and I just registered on your forum!

I live in zurich and have a particular hobby that is driving me crazy!
That's why I asked for help on your forum!

I greet all the components of the Forum and I really hope to find some new friends!

Good evening everyone!

Enzostelvio from Zurich

best regards


Hello, I am Nick from Finland, I have been an electronics hobbyist for 4 years now and soon starting to study electronics properly school. I love all things electronic and/or vintage: test equipment, retro computers, camcorders and video gear. I joined this forum because I want to share my projects and have to possibility to get help when I need it.



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