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hi! I'm Leslie, just getting started with electronics (total beginner). Would like to integrate small circuits into zines/books!

Hi everybody,

61 old guy, I had a first professionnal life in (mostly) digital electronics before reorienting on GNU/Linux and Internet technologies at the beginning of the y2k, even if I still make some small electronic repairs for me or some friends. You'll probably hear about it later in another thread ;D
See you on the forum   :)

Hello EEVbloggers! (blog-ettes?, EEVers? EEVblokes?)

I'm Griffin, 42, from Kansas. Went to an offshoot of K-State for my first undergrad in Electronics Engineering Technology. After a few years of end-of-line testing other people's designs, I decided I wanted to design them myself. I enrolled at KU at age 30 to get my second undergrad in Engineering Physics. Rock Chalk.

I've now spent almost 9 years as an EE helping design products in a wide range of fields. I'm lovin' it.

Hello everyone,
I am Ole, from Germany and have been lurking and occasionally writing on the forum for a bit more than a year at this point.
As for my knowledge in electronics, I am by no means a pro, at least for now, as I am an apprentice and learning the job of the
electronic technician.

Well, see yall around.

Hi, I built a few kits as a kid but have just been reading about electronics since then (and watching vids more recently).
Time to start building some more stuff again  :-/O
I'll have to dig out my 20MHz DSE scope but I have my cheap little multimeter handy as I've used it quite often  :-DMM
I have just saved an older scope so I'll do a teardown on that soon.


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