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Hello everyone!

Guitar tech and sound engineer here. I studied electronics in the 90's, mainly micro controllers and associated things. I occasionally repair things like FX pedals and rack units as part of my job, and I'm looking to learn more about audio power amps and switch mode power supplies, and repair techniques in general.


Hello everyone I'm Raymond I'm Filipino I'm working here in Malaysia as Electronics Repair Specialist This forum has been a great help to me for difficult to repair electronics boards. ;D ;D ;D ;D

Hi Everyone! I'm Jupitus... pronounced 'JOOPITOOS' like the planet Jupiter. Real name is Jon, Jupitus is my aged gaming nick.

Anyway- I do small projects trying to fix stuff for my family and friends, and I am working on my son's old HP 15 laptop.... again.... I am going to be away for Christmas so just saying hi for now, but will try to research and prep a reasonable 'help me please' post in the near future. Nice to meet you, please be kind to the silly idiot that I am  :-[

Not "new" anymore, but never got to introduce myself.

My username is BlownUpCapacitor, but my real name is Benjamin Badrakh.
I am currently 15, living in CA, USA as I write this. I have a genuine interest in electronics, mainly old electronics. I haven't designed many circuits so far, but have serviced a few scopes and test equipment to date. These include a Tek 2230, Tek 7613, Tek 2235, Tek DC504, Tek FG501, Tek SC502, Tekpower power supply, Tek 5CT1N, Tek 5110, and Exact 524. My first fix was a 2235 when I was 11 years of age. Only a few bad caps in the PSU causing massive ripples in the waveform.

Every time I fix another piece of gear, I learn something new, and also repairing TE keeps me busy.

My next piece of gear I plan to fix is a 7904. I found this beast in my local E-Recycle shop, and have not yet taken it yet, for lack of skill. But I have saved up a nice knowledge and hope to take it with me next week for restoration and repairs.

Hello, I'm Basilic. I work as a PCBA designer and I've been passionate about electronics since childhood. I'm here on the forum to read topics mainly related to EMC testing equipment. I'm also a strong supporter of open-source and free knowledge in general.


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