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Typical forum always has a tread on introducing members.  ;D ;D

Hello from Malaysia. I am currently studying in Sunway Monash University Campus in Electrical & Computing System Engineering (2nd year). I got a bit bored by the typical theoretical lecture and wanted to buy some lab instrument for the practical side. I recently bought PICkit 3, fluke 289/FVF, LCR meter TH2821, some soldering tools and breadboards. I am currently building my own linear power supply for my micro-controller and looking forward to start learning micro-controller myself.  ;)


I'm Dan, and currently a student at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI. Studying electrical engineering and have interest in DIY lab equipment. I also have an interest in space-related projects such as balloons and satellites.

Hello, I'm John, a previous student of electrical and electronic engineering at Newcastle University in England, but I'm from Ireland originally. Currently involved in theatre technical work but I still do a bit of Electronics on the side.

Hello, I'm Jim, a semi retired Electronics Design Engineer after 40+ years in the business.
Located in Southern England.

Hi all I'm Simon from "sunny England" I stumbled on the blog when reading up about my new Rigol DS1052E scope and I'm ready to have a good old chat with some people about it.

I work as a quality inspector for a company that makes radiators and air conditioning for vehicles so unfortunately not electronic related really, but I'm gradually tooling up at home and getting into microcontrollers


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