Author Topic: housing emergency - need advice/information on power inverter I bought just now  (Read 7284 times)

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yes priorities. I have to have a phone or I cannot have other things I need. I upgraded it to get internet access because I pay my bills online and also must have online services to access help.  what are you talking about can't afford transport? We have a car.  We have also had other emergencies lately that I didn't bother putting up here, such as me needing a wheelchair all of a sudden.  Know how expensive those are?  And we have had to repair the car with surprise repairs too lately.

I get food stamps, food is not a problem, bottles of water I have already been saving up bottles to put tap water in, what makes you so sure I don't have that covered?  We bought a whole bunch of canned food the other day too, and bread is going to be bought as needed.  I am not as stupid as you seem to think.  I also said I need an electric can opener to open cans since my arthritis is bad enough that normal can openers are impossible for me... did you miss that?  I think you did, and only saw what you wanted to complain about.  I didn't ask for help, I just asked for advice on the damn inverter.  If I had asked for help your complaints/insights/trolls might be somewhat warranted.

I also just got back from going to resale shops looking for blankets and sleeping bags.

It's really nice how people seem to think they know everything about us and everything about what I need and then judge based on that instead of actually trying to help answer the question I have.  Find someone else to troll and judge, I'm here asking a specific question.
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