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Obtaining original National Semiconductor datasheets and application notes

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I used to prefer the Philips books, (where they did make equivalent types), but Philips is even more "disappeared" than National.

Here are the titles: see attachment.

I’m still trying to get datasheets for the 3 National Semiconductor ic’s used in Tektronix TDS3000 scopes. They are:

and also known as:
ADG361 MM9576-VJG
ADG360 MM9595-VUW
ADG365 MM9577-ACE

Picture as in tds3012.

Maybe these were never published because they were only made for Tektronix?
Or maybe they were classified dual-use for military radar applications?

Are they listed in these books?


--- Quote from: Tamworth10 on June 04, 2023, 01:50:16 am ---I have about 20 of the old Blue National Instruments Databooks, all different, that I'm not sure are worth keeping. They are from the 1990s but I haven't used them for decades, but I used to love going through them to design digital circuits and power supplies.

Is anyone interested in them? Or do you think they hold values? You can pick them up for free in Newcastle NSW, or if the world has moved on then I'll sadly put them in the Yellow recycling bin  :-\.

--- End quote ---
Please find them a good home! While they’re likely available as scans online, there are people who would love a printed copy. (Or to not have to deal with crappy scans, which sadly most data book scans are.)

If I weren’t across the globe I’d love them…

David Hess:

--- Quote from: sicco on June 04, 2023, 08:34:05 am ---Maybe these were never published because they were only made for Tektronix?
--- End quote ---

I think that was the case.  Maybe someone on the mailing list knows, but I think National was making custom ASICs for Tektronix so the documentation would have been limited to National and Tektronix.


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