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Obtaining original National Semiconductor datasheets and application notes

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--- Quote from: peter-h on December 11, 2021, 05:23:47 pm ---I have maybe 100kg of data books going back to the 1980s, which anyone can have if they want to collect them. I have not referenced any of them in 20+ years, except for nostalgia purposes. One day they will all get chucked in the skip, which seems a waste.

South east UK, on the coast. PM me if interested :)

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PDFs are definitely lighter!  :D

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In 2004 I moved across continent about 2400 Km using my own truck and my initial destination had limited space. So ruthless ballast discharge was in order. I had about 300 kg of paper documentation and books and no way to keep it. Having dealt with the old way of begging disti's for data books I think the internet and near 0 cost of duplication and distribution is a godsend, especially for students.

If I were younger I might start a paper archive. But I am closer to the end than the beginning and who knows what my urchins will do with anything I leave behind. Perhaps someone younger.

I can donate some data books to it.


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