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Octopart website (poor) update, full of error/bugs, making it not usable


As per screenshot, selecting the distributors does not result in listing items available by distributor sorting anymore?
The search list continue to display all distributors.
Same problem even when selecting manufacturer or other columns
After multiple sorting criteria, the list may stop displaying any product
The above happens 100% of the time making any search query result in un-sorted results or a parameter error asking user to undo the parameters

Next example : 1ohm to 1000kohm, you can also no longer select a range by shift clicking (and mouse wheel fast rolling over values)
In a same list of multi-clicking by Ctrl-click, the website goes into random delay trying to update data
This causes the display list to become un-responsive randomly or cause the next click to land on the wrong item due to lag issues.
Also in the resistance listing, the numeric sort is no longer logically 0 to 999 in values. It sorts by first digit (or stock level ?)

I find that their update has made octopart not usable

Has anyone tried and experienced the same?
(OS : linux / browser : firefox 1xx)

edit : speak of the devil. refreshing the same MMA0204 page results in "yikes!"

I have been getting the "Yikes" on many part numbers now. and I know the numbers are OK.

So they went from this:
To this:

Just noticed the header hiding away as soon as I start scrolling down the page until I turned off the header hider extension. Looks very distractng to me.:

Joke: I bet they care more about that SPAMMY toolbar than everything else and spent a lot of time and effort making sure it is stuck there against the user's will to irritate and annoy by distraction and getting in the way but that goes with the massive bloated page where I find I have to scroll more or zoom out and the text becomes barely readable.

Another resistor example
selection by TC
as per the screenie, it shows the database not returning the eligible parts it can find
previously, by entering the TC ranges, the panel will already reveal you have xxx number of eligible parts
in the current version, anything you enter will return exactly 10000 parts
executing this search will result in YIKES

Out of interest, 3roomlab, do you remember there being that dimming overlay behind the dialogue showing the "temperature coefficient there before the upgrade or before it worked?


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