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Title: One-off kit interest?
Post by: c4757p on December 29, 2012, 09:25:39 pm
Just thought I'd check here. I'm designing a headphone amplifier for myself (mostly just for the fun of it), and I'm going to have some extra parts and PCBs left over. If I offered them for sale as kits pretty cheap on here, would anyone be interested?

I don't have much more information right now, including the expected cost, but assuming it's decent would anyone bite? Remember I'm not trying to make a complete, fully supported kit and sell a whole bunch, I'm just going to have extras left over and will be able to sell four or so. I can at least assure you that it works - when I have it all complete I can provide schematics, PCB layouts and scope screenshots to anyone interested. I know most of the people on here aren't really into audio, but it's worth a shot  :)